We serve subpoenas, summons & complaints, garnishments and notices in Montgomery Alabama. We can even assist you with rush court filings!

Montgomery Alabama
135 Catoma St. Ste. 590
Montgomery, Alabama 36101
(855) 273-7831

Speed.  Coverage.  Affordability.  Service.  For more than 30 years, these are the things our customers have demanded from ALaServe, a subsidiary of MLQ Attorney Services.  We have consistently delivered… which is why we have earned the business of over 1,000 law firms nationwide.  

Cutting Edge Technology Provides Solid Serves and Real Time Updates

MLQ is one of the only companies in the nation to utilize electronic handhelds on all service attempts.  Our process servers are able to capture time-stamped photo and audio recordings as well as GPS latitude and longitude of service attempts and completions.*  For our customers, these technological advances make all the difference, as they are able to know our professionals are working hard to complete service, and also that their records of attempts and successful serves are accurate and complete.